Oculus Drift

About the game

Oculus Drift is a racing game in a futuristic setting. It is designed to be played with a Oculus Rift as primary input device. You race against four other AI opponents to claim the first position in the race.
While racing your opponents, you are able to pick up speed boosts and shield power-ups to gain an advantage over your opponents.

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Back story

The game started out as a school project for a client. Our client wanted us to create a game for people with a physical limitation. My team decided to take this a step further and create a game for a specific person who could only make rough movements with his arm and his head. We had seen him play a kinect game requiring only arm movements, and we concluded that even arm movements was too difficult for him. There for we wanted to create a game using the Oculus Rift as primary input device, and have only the menu requiring a controller or keyboard.
We had only toyed around with the Oculus Rift once before at this point, and had a rough idea on what we would have to consider when designing a game for this device.


We have shown this game at multiple events and have received a lot of positive feedback. During early development we showed off this game to visitors at our school during the multiple open days and the school’s week of science event. We were testing out several control scheme’s during these events in order to see what would feel intuitive for someone not involved in the project to steer with. The people testing these would vary from young kids, to students, and even elderly people who wanted to try out this new device.

Mentioned in local newspaper
We even got mentioned in some local newspapers

After the school project was finished we were asked to show this game at The Overkill festival which is a local retro gaming and new game technology event. We accepted the invitation and received a lot of feedback from both gamers and developers.

Because this is a school project, the development went on a break for a long time. About 4 months after we stopped development we were asked by our study to show our game at the opening of The Gallery in Enschede. The Dutch royal king would be opening the building and be presented a short story of some of the technology shown there. We were told that there would be a possibility of the Dutch king playing our game if he would be interested in it. We had about three weeks to improve the game, create a 3D model which would be used for a 3D print, while keeping up on our other school assignments. We decided to take this chance and put all of our school assignments aside regardless of the consequences to fully work on this game. Because we haven’t worked on this game for a couple of months by this point, we were able to apply some of the new things we had learned and didn’t know of before. All of the long lasting bugs which were too difficult and time consuming to solve, were solved within the first few days. Furthermore we decided to cut out mechanics which were too confusing and difficult to understand. The AI got improved to stay closer to the player at all times in order to keep the feeling of the race constant. Before this, they would fall behind during the first lap and you would never see them again. This made for a really boring game.

Dutch king playing our game
“Good game” – King Willem Alexander
The Gallery, where the Dutch king played our game

The team

Miso Finne – Audio Designer
Responsible for creating all concept art, 2D designs, texturing and all of the sound effects.

Steff Kempink – Game Designer
Did all of the 3D models, most of the game design and some other stuff.

Valentinas Rimeika – Programmer
Vehicle behaviour, pickups, UI, environmental effects, menu’s.

Weikie Yeh – Programmer
Created the AI, vehicle behaviour, UI, highscore, laps and checkpoint system.

What I did in this project in depth


Finally here is a trailer of the game.

Windows build (DK1): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40906899/Oculus%20Drift%20Windows.zip
Windows build (DK2): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40906899/OculusDriftDK2.zip